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Marching Season

For games and competitions

Students should wear black athletic shorts and their HHS Band t-shirt under their marching uniform. They need plain black knee-high socks (not navy, gray or faded black or with any kind of print or pattern) that will cover above their ankles. Their uniform pants, coat, gauntlets, gloves and shoes should all be kept in their garment bag which is hung in the back of the band storage shed in numerical order by coat number. Hats are also stowed on the shelf by the coat number. Each student is responsible for having all their uniform items ready for each competition and/or game and not losing them.   If they have a problem, they are to let a uniform mom know immediately.

Each student in the marching band is fitted for a Houston Band uniform – this includes coat, pants, gauntlets, gloves, shoes and in most cases, hats (everyone except tuba and pit).

Concert Season

The week after our last marching band competition of the season, each student will be fitted for concert uniforms. Boys will receive tuxedo pants, vest, coat and tie. Each boy student is responsible for providing his own white shirt, black dress socks and black dress shoes. Girls will receive a black formal concert dress and a strand of pearls. Each girl student must provide their own black dress shoes with or without heels. Open or closed toe shoes are fine. No flip flops or any type of shoe that separates your big toe from the rest of your toes. No backless shoes. Please check to make sure no alterations are needed well before the concert. Several students had dresses or pants that needed hemming and each student is responsible for his/her own alterations.

BOYS – If you did not receive a tie, they will be available at the first concert near the ticket collection table.

GIRLS – Pearls will be given out at the first concert near the ticket collection table.

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