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Welcome to the 2020 School Year Houston Band Families!

Without a marching camp, we have not been able to officially welcome all of the new Houston Band members. We are so happy to have you join this amazing organization! This unprecedented season makes communication to our families vital. One way that we will try and keep you informed on all things band, is through this weekly newsletter. The THB Newsletter will be sent on Sundays during the Fall. Feel free to print and put on the fridge or just reference when needed. All information is also found on our website




Full Band Meeting THIS THURSDAY 8/13 @ 3:00 pm via Google Hangout

All Band Parents and students please join us for important updates about the upcoming school year. This is being recorded for playback if you can’t make it at this time. Click here to access the meeting:

  1. As much as possible, please use ONE device per family. We will have 200+ families trying to attend.

  2. Once you join the meeting PLEASE MUTE YOURSELF. This is vital so that everyone can hear all the information.

  3. Please use the Chat only to submit questions to the directors. We will take them all and try to answer them in an organized way. Limit the chat function to asking questions.



As we get started on our school year, please make sure that you have completed the following items:

  1. Complete the Performance Contract on the last page of the HHS Band Handbook You can print the page, sign it, scan it (there are great free apps to use on your phone), and return it to Polly Cotten (the Band Booster President) at

  2. Complete the Parent Consent and Emergency Information form. Follow the same procedure as the Performance Contract.

  3. The Band Booster Dues information can be found in the HHS Band Handbook. Payment information is linked Please reach out to Mr. Taylor ( with any questions or concerns about paying dues.



A previous email message went out with suggestions of where to obtain supplies for in person band classes this year. Here is a reminder of what’s needed:

  • Mask with opening for all students

  • Personal collapsible music stand

  • Floor coverings/pet pads for brass instruments

  • Bell covers for brass instruments

  • Percussion students will be required to provide their own stick bag with snare sticks and mallets for keyboard instruments. We will not be providing sticks or mallets to students this year.

Please have these items for day 1 of in-school instruction.



Flamingo Flocking is BACK!

Flock a Friend $25

Roosting season is August 24-Oct. 25th

Call or text Amy Burgess at 901-832-8900 to arrange a flock TODAY!

What a fun way to brighten someone’s day. Sections will be helping with flock

placements this year. Challenge your section leaders to be the first to sign-up.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Directors or a Band Booster Board Member

Matt Taylor, Director

John Hagan, Asst. Director

Band Booster Board

President Polly Cotten

Vice President Cheryl Morton

Treasurer Holly Clark

Assistant Treasurer Molly Opferman

Secretary Kelly Flaherty

Fundraising Amy Burgess

Uniforms Marla Reiser

Ashley Borgsmiller

Hospitality Amy Eoff

Erin Oldershaw

Color Guard Deb Foyle

Pit Crew Jeff Borgsmiller

Trafford Seymour

Drumline Jasen Harrington

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