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September 30, 2019

We couldn’t be prouder of the students' performance on Saturday evening at Briarcrest! They had a fantastic run, and should be feeling great about where we are headed with the show. We are gearing up for a great performance this Saturday at the Collierville Tournament of Champions. We will be adding more body work to the show this week, so it’s vital that we are all present in class and after school for rehearsals. Be sure to check out the itinerary.

I’m sure everyone will be sad to see the hot weather begin to fade this week. But don’t worry, you’ll have at least one more week of very hot rehearsals. Please be sure to stay hydrated.

This week is also Homecoming here at HHS. The band will perform the show during pregame, so the PIT-CREW will need to be ready to take the field by 6:30. The students will take field again at half time to perform for the homecoming court. The students will need their black member t-shirtLONG black socks, and athletic shorts for under their uniform. Part of their grade will be based on wearing the proper uniform items

The first payment for the Spring 2020 trip to New York City is due October 1st. It is VITAL that this payment is on time. The travel agent will be purchasing tickets immediately, so be sure that the payment is submitted to reserve your spot. We are thrilled about the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall! Please see the announcement below about the payment schedule and procedures for registering for the trip. REMEMBER: All Band Dues must be paid for a student to be eligible for the Spring Trip.



Tuesday (10/1)                       Rehearsal 3:00-5:30

Thursday (10/3)                     Rehearsal 3:00-5:30 

Friday (10/4)                          Home Football vs. Bartlett (HOMECOMING)

5:45 – Students Dressed in places for Warm-Up

                   6:20 – Students march into Stadium for Pre-Game performance

                 ~6:30 – Students perform show

                   7:00 – Kick-Off

                 ~9:30 – Game ends/Pick up students from Band Room         


* See itinerary for details. 

Please use the parking lots to pick up students after we return. The circle drives need to be clear of vehicles for the bus and truck parking. Thank you!




Please keep checking the calendar on the HHS Band Website. All of our upcoming dates can be found there:

Upcoming Dates:

- 10/1: First Trip Payment DUE

- 10/4: Home Football vs. Bartlett (Homecoming)

- 10/5: Collierville Tournament of Champions

- 10/7: WindEnsemble Placement Auditions (All-West Music)

- 10/11: Away Football @Collierville

- 10/12-10/21: Fall Break

- 10/25: Home Football vs. Cordova

- 10/26: Paragould Marching Invitational 

Band Booster Dues

Thank you to all who have paid their dues on time and/or in full! If you haven’t made your third payment, it is now PAST DUE (as of September 15th)! 

Please work to stay current on these payments as this is how we fund Band Camp and the purchasing of all of the materials/equipment for Band Camp, marching season and concert season.

As a reminder, a minimum of three payments totaling $550 should have been paid for all band members at this time.  The 2019-20 band dues payment schedule is as follows:

May 15th: $200

July 15th: $175

Sept 15th: $175  <— WE ARE HERE!!!

Nov 15th: $175

Student Accounts

Student Account balances are available in a spreadsheet in Charms.

1.  Log into Charms at

2.  Enter “HHSBandBoosters” as the school code

3.  Use your “Student Area Password” that you share with your student

4.  The spreadsheet is in the “Handouts & Files” folder

Note:  Student names are added to the Student Account Worksheet if/when monies are added to an account.



We will be traveling to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall (3/21/20-3/24/20). Our students will be part of the World Premiere of a piece commissioned for the Houston High School Band and composed by Brant Karrick ( This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students to be part of Houston Band History. 

The cost - $1850. Don’t freak out! We will have plenty of opportunities for fundraisersdirectly into Student accounts.

Payment Schedule

October 1- $400 – This payment is the initial deposit and is non-refundable

November 1- $400

December 1- $400

January 15- $400

February 15- $250

Payments will go directly to the boosters not travel company. For those wanting to make Spring Trip payments via PayPal, please visit Installment payments can be initiated using the PayPal section. Payments can also be mailed to: HHS Band Boosters, PO Box 38233, Germantown, TN 38183. Please include indication that payment is for the Spring Trip, Student’s Name and any other instructions regarding payment or use of student account funds.



Please continue to support The Houston Band by purchasing treats from our sponsors at the football game – Say Cheese Food Truck, Mempops, and Donut Hutt.


If you are interested in Flocking a Friend, see the attached form, or if you want to help move the flocks, see the signup genius link:


Go to, set up an account using enrollment code: F9L39E9E4629, and buy eGift cards (ScripNow) only, (NOT physical or reloadable cards). On the left hand side of screen, change the search to “card type” and select ScripNow so you don’t get confused! 

There are thousands of retailers who offer rebates for buying their cards, and new this year, the entire rebate goes to your student account! Think food vendors like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Chili’s, Subway. Think about everyday purchases like Target and Wal-mart, TJ Maxx, Old Navy. Think about home improvement like Lowe’s and Home Depot (we bought a new fridge with Home Depot gift cards!) Think travel plans like Carnival and, Air BnB! With some high dollar purchases you’ll be making anyway, put it on a gift card and get the rebate benefit!


Shop online at This is a BIG one because 40% of your purchase goes right back into your student account. Buy your teacher gifts, Christmas presents, birthday gifts for the whole next year! There are more than just bags on this site, so look around and buy some stuff! Then send the link to your friends and family and have them shop online using your student’s name at checkout!

Upcoming Promotions

Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough - for every box sold, $3 goes to your student account

Butter Braids bread - for every bread sold, $3 goes to your student account The cookies and butter braids will sell themselves if you just tell people you’re selling them. Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram, send out an email, put the flyer in your work breakroom…it’s really easy to sell these!

We know there are a lot of different things going on, but we do that so you can pick and choose which, if any, you want to participate in! There is no requirement, so do one, do none, or do them all! It’s up to you!

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