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September 20, 2020


  • HUGE THANK YOU to all the students and parents who made the Pep Band a success on Friday Night!

  • Please stay current with assignments in Schoology.

  • Be sure to have all of the stand tunes posted in Schoology printed and with you every day in class.

  • Have your All West music printed and with you every day in class.

  • Keep bringing your Covid Supplies (especially wire stands).

  • No after-school activities this week.


Important Dates This Week

Always stay up to date through the master calendar.



Flamingo Flocking is BACK!

Flock a Friend $25

Roosting season is August 24-Oct. 25th

Call or text Amy Burgess at 901-832-8900 to arrange a flock TODAY!

What a fun way to brighten someone’s day. Sections will be helping with flock

placements this year. Challenge your section leaders to be the first to sign-up.



If you have not paid the $500 booster dues for this school year, please do so as soon as possible. Our budget is built around everyone paying their share. We accept PayPal or by checks by mail (HHS Band Boosters PO Box 38233 Germantown, TN 38183). Please contact Molly Opferman (Assistant Treasurer) with any questions ( or 901-337-7154). Thank you!

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