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Happy First Week of School!

This is going to be the strangest school start that we have experienced; let’s work together to make it as good as it can be. Remember the three most important school supplies for 2020 - Patience, Flexibility and Grace! Houston High Administration and your Band Directors are doing everything they can to keep you healthy, safe and still give the best experience possible. If we want to keep going to school each week, please help us by following the policies outlined below. They were put into place to keep social distance and keep our student’s healthy. While most of these are not band specific policies, feel free to ask Mr. Taylor or Mr. Hagan questions.


Important Dates This Week


Overall School Arrival/Dismissal Policies

  • The building will not be open to students prior to 7:00am. Students may not enter the building until 7:00am and must wait outside.

  • Students arriving between 7:00am and 7:30am must go to a designated holding area until they are released to go to 1st period. If you are a car rider or drive/park in the big lot, you will go to the auditorium. If you park behind the A building, you will be directed to the gym. If you are a bus rider, you will go to the cafeteria. You are not allowed into the band room before 1st period.

  • At the end of the day, all students must leave the building immediately after 7th period and the building must be cleared no later than 3:00pm


Band Room Specific Policies

  • Students will not need instruments until further notice. We will inform students when instruments will be required

  • Band Students should go to the Auditorium for all band classes on their first day on campus. We will assign seats, give announcements, and provide instructions for further class meetings

  • Students are not allowed in the band room before 1st period, they must go to the designated holding area prior to 7:30am

  • Students will not be allowed to stay after school in the band room unless it is for an after-school rehearsal scheduled by a director

  • Students will eat lunch during 4th period Band Class each day. We are encouraging everyone to bring lunch, especially these first weeks. But students requiring lunch from the cafeteria should still report to the auditorium 4th period; then when the tardy bell rings at 10:34am, the Directors will release you to go purchase your food and bring it back. In order to maintain 6 feet of social distance, students will need to sit in their assigned seat.

  • Please do not plan to store personal items in the band room. We must keep traffic in these rooms to the absolute minimum.

  • Meetings with directors should be scheduled by email ahead of time. Please do not drop by the Director's Offices during school hours without an appointment



Caitlin Flaherty, a Senior Flute section leader is organizing a Houston Band service project for her Honors Academy Capstone Project. Her goal is to show how great The Houston Band can be at working together to help a cause. See below, what your students can do to get involved. Contact her with any questions:

As my Houston High Honors Academy project, I am organizing 1-2 dinners for Germantown Methodist ER employees. Please join me in showing our local healthcare workers how much the Houston Band appreciates their work during this pandemic. I am asking for monetary donations as well as Houston Band Members to help me deliver the meals. I have attached a signup genius. If you donate or volunteer to drop off dinner, service hours will be awarded. $20 = 1 hour. Thank you for your support!

SignUp Genius:




As we get started on our school year, please make sure that you have completed the following items:

  1. Complete the Performance Contract on the last page of the HHS Band Handbook You can print the page, sign it, scan it (there are great free apps to use on your phone), and return it to Polly Cotten (the Band Booster President) at

  2. Complete the Parent Consent and Emergency Information form. Follow the same procedure as the Performance Contract.

  3. The Band Booster Dues information can be found in the HHS Band Handbook. Payment information is linked Please reach out to Mr. Taylor ( with any questions or concerns about paying dues.



Flamingo Flocking is BACK!

Flock a Friend $25

Roosting season is August 24-Oct. 25th

Call or text Amy Burgess at 901-832-8900 to arrange a flock TODAY!

What a fun way to brighten someone’s day. Sections will be helping with flock

placements this year. Challenge your section leaders to be the first to sign-up.

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