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August 8, 2022



8/9/2022 3 - 5:30pm Full Band Rehearsal

8/10/2022 3:30 - 6:30pm Uniform Fitting

8/11/2022 3 - 5:30pm Full Band Rehearsal



We are so happy to have you join this amazing organization! Students will need their instruments and music every day in class, and we will hold after school rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday until 5:30 once school starts. Students will not ride the bus home on these days (we have one every year who forgets and takes their bus home).

We sent out a ‘Support the Houston Band’ edition last week. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, please do! You can also find the information here on our announcements page:


Commissary BBQ Certificates

6 Pack (Meat (Pork or Chicken) & Buns), 1 Qt BBQ Beans, 1 Pt. Coleslaw, BBQ Sauce and 1 Qt of Banana Pudding

Certificates $42 – Goal is 3 per family

Sale runs August 2 – August 17, 2022

These coupons make great gifts and for nights when you don’t want to cook. Have fun selling and eating BBQ from a Germantown Landmark, or also visit their Collierville location! (Carryout only)

Payment must be submitted with the order and make checks payable to Houston High School Band Boosters! Certificates are valid until December 2023 so be sure to stock up!



If you did not make it to the mandatory uniform fitting yesterday (Sunday, August 7th), we will have a makeup date on Wednesday, August 10th from 3:30-6:30. If you have not returned your concert wear, please bring it in when you come for marching band fittings.

Things to know:

  • Yes, every band member will receive a show shirt that will take the place of the jacket. The black member shirt is to be worn under the new show shirt. Freshmen and new band kids will get their member shirts from Mr. Taylor. Pants, shoes, socks and hats remain the same.

  • All pieces of the uniform will be fitted on the fitting day. The traditional jacket, gauntlets, gloves, etc. will be worn for the Christmas parade.

  • Kids wear their own gym shorts under their pants and long black socks with their uniforms when performing. Each child is responsible for their own black socks.

  • New kids and freshmen are welcome to use "stock" (ie, gently used) marching shoes IF their size is available. Otherwise, shoes will be ordered for them for $40. Please bring cash or a check just in case shoes need to be ordered.

  • Please wear gym shorts and t-shirts to the fitting!



BOTH the July and August installments are now due. Payment coupons can be found here:

**As a reminder dues are $725 (siblings $100 discount - $625)**

Please be sure you are up-to-date on your band dues!

Many of our yearly expenses happen right now during marching season, so prompt payments are very much appreciated!!

Thank you to the families who have paid HHS band dues so far.

Payments can be made by a check payable to The Houston Band Boosters that can be dropped off in the wooden box located in Mr. Taylor's office or mailed to HHS Band Boosters/P.O. Box 38233/Germantown, TN 38183. Payments can also be made via PayPal using the link on the band website ( under the members tab/payments. For clarity, please include your student's name with all correspondence and payments. Questions about payments received or remaining balances can be sent by email to



We’ve got SUPER FUN volunteer opportunities galore, so no matter what you may be interested in or how much (or how little) time you have, we’ve got a spot for you, and we NEED you! There’s nothing more fun for kids than band – and their families! If you are interested in volunteering with The Houston Band, please complete this form as soon as possible as committees are forming now!

2022-2023 HHS Band Parent Volunteer Interest Form

We can’t wait to get started making the 2022-2023 band year the best year yet! Thanks for being a part of this great group and for making The Houston Band the BEST BAND IN THE LAND!



All dates for rehearsals and performances are mandatory. Be sure to look through and mark them on your family calendar so you can avoid conflicts.

Important dates have been updated on the calendar.

Attendance policy is outlined in the HHS Band Handbook. Please review the Houston Band Handbook on the website.



Calling all Kroger Shoppers, What an easy way to support the band!!. Pick Houston High School Band Boosters (BW921) as your appointed Community Partner to receive Kroger Community Rewards. THE Houston Band receives a small percentage of money just by doing your regular family shopping at Kroger! This does not impact your Kroger Fuel Points earned on purchases.


If you ever have any questions about class or anything band related,

please reach out to the Directors

Matt Taylor | John Hagan

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