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April 4, 2021


Mark your calendars for a spring concert 6:30pm on May 11th at the Houston Football Stadium. All students and families are welcome, even if you are not playing this semester. Look for performances by the Spring Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Percussion. We will be showing the Winterguard performance on the jumbotron as well.



We will be having Spring Training/Marching Fundamental Training starting THIS WEEK Tuesday, April 6th 3:00pm-4:00pm and Wednesday, April 7th 3:00pm - 4:00pm. This is a required practice for all Freshmen - Juniors. Hybrid Students should attend on the day that they go to school. Virtual students can select which day, but need to attend at least one session per week. Get here as soon as possible after your last virtual class is dismissed.

Dress comfortably with gym shoes, no flip flops. You do not need to bring instruments.

We understand that the testing schedule makes this difficult for the students that are not on campus. Do your best and reach out to Mr. Taylor with questions or concerns. We want to be able to start strong at Band Camp in August and this allows our new band members and this year’s Freshmen to get ahead of the incoming 8th graders.



Congratulations to the Houston Guard on a great season! It was challenging but you rose to the occasion. Great job!



Important dates have been updated on the calendar, including this summer’s mandatory Band Camp, marching rehearsals, football games etc. Be sure to look through and mark them on your family calendar so you can avoid conflicts. Competitions are still being discussed so right now, those are placeholders. But it's always easier to remove something than add it later.



We have made it half-way through the school year, so now it’s time to plan for next year!

We realize that most freshmen and new member parents have not been able to experience all the fun/work that the Houston Band Board does during a regular year. But we want you to join us for next year! There are plenty of senior parents rolling off the board and we need your help.

Look through the positions list below and email Matt Taylor if

there is anything you are interested in. We have job descriptions for each one and by getting

involved now, we can pair you with the person leaving the position for training. We are hopeful that next year brings back Band Camp, Competitions, football Friday nights, Rockathon, Banquets and Concerts. This means we need to put together an enthusiastic board to get the job done. Don’t be shy, if you want to reach out to the current member and talk to them, their contact information is below as well. COME GET INVOLVED!

Band Booster Board

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraising, Uniforms,

Hospitality, Color Guard, Pit Crew, Drumline

We also have committee positions without monthly meeting obligations including, Uniforms,

Fundraising, Hospitality, Senior Recognition, All West Coordinator and Pit Crew



Calling all Kroger Shoppers, What an easy way to support the band!! Pick Houston High School Band Boosters (BW921) as your appointed Community Partner to receive Kroger Community Rewards. THE Houston Band receives a small percentage of money just by doing your regular family shopping at Kroger! This does not impact your Kroger Fuel Points earned on purchases.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Directors

Matt Taylor John Hagan Band Booster Board President Polly Cotten Vice President Cheryl Morton Treasurer Holly Clark Secretary Kelly Flaherty Assistant Treasurer Molly Opferman Fundraising Amy Burgess Uniforms Marla Reiser

AshleyBorgsmiller Hospitality Amy Eoff

Erin Oldershaw

Color Guard Deb Foyle

Pit Crew Jeff Borgsmiller

Trafford Seymour

Drumline Jasen Herrington

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