Mustang MOOLA

We will be ordering MOOLA soon, please stand by.

In the meantime for those new to MOOLA please read below for the two options.

Mustang MOOLA is a great way to raise money for your student’s account as well as the band.  If you are new to the program, it is an easy way to purchase gift cards from hundreds of different businesses and vendors.  The percentage your student will make from the purchase of each card varies from company to company.  Profits are split evenly between the student and the band.

Please think about all the places you already do business, buy gas, eat out, shop, order online etc.  These cards are excellent teachers’ gifts and for those starving college students.

We now have two ways to earn MOOLA.  One is the traditional method and it is explained below.  The other is the new PrestoPay.

To use the traditional MOOLA:

The order must go through me to get credit for your student and the band.  It’s so easy – complete the form, attach payment (check or cash only please), deposit in the “Mustang MOOLA” box outside Mr. Taylor’s office and gift cards are delivered 7-10 days from order.

To use PrestoPay:

PrestoPay is an automated feature where you can order and pay online…no longer need to print and drop off order forms at school.  You Order and Pay online.  You can order physical cards, ScripsNow card (email certificate where you can use the card immediately), or Reload a previously purchased card through Scrips.  Information on setting up PrestoPay is located on website.  Navigate to:  Fundraising, Mustang MOOLA, PRESTOPAY. 

Scrip Order Form

Scrip_Retailer_List_Updated 2016.07.27



For the latest listing please visit the Great Lakes Scrip Center and on the left side under the large picture click on “Retailer List” either alphabetically or by category.