The award-winning Houston High School Band has over 300 members from grades 9 through 12 and is the largest single activity on campus.  The Houston Band is widely regarded as one of the most competitive, meritorious bands in the mid-south.  Led by Band Director, Matt Taylor, and Assistant Band Director, Della Campbell, the band attracts students from a variety of races and creeds who are highly involved in many other areas of campus life.  In addition to band, our students excel academically, play sports, are class officers, are selected to homecoming courts, serve on the annual staff and compete in Knowledge Bowl.  This exemplary music program inspires young musicians to master their art and work as a team to achieve the highest level of craft and character.

2016-17 Marching Band – The Graveyard
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2015-16 Marching Band  –  I Love Paris

2015-16 HHS Band


2014-15 Marching Band  –  Reflections of Earth

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2013-14 Marching Band  –  Porgy & Bess

2013 Marching Band group photo


2012-13 Marching Band  –  The Giving Tree

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2010-11 Marching Band  –  Songs in the Key of Life